Last Updated: October 21, 2018

What happens to my personal information on the device?

Each device is wiped clean by our trained technicians. Guzu also offers onsite hard drive shredding upon request.

How does Guzu determine the value of my gadget?

Guzu gathers real time market data through our automated technology to offer the most up to date and accurate price that ensures you receive maximum value for your item.

How do I get paid?

You have the option to be paid by Business Check or PayPal, which you choose during the order process.

Does Guzu share any of my account information?

Guzu will never share your personal information with other individuals, companies, or parties without your express consent. Please visit our privacy policy page for additional information on our data security policy.

I have a company or organization that wants to recycle large quantities of used electronics, will you take these items in bulk?

Yes, please visit our Business and Volume Recycling page.

Should I send Guzu the power cords and accessories along with my device?

Guzu is happy to accept your device the way it is, but including more accessories (ie chargers, battery, original box) may earn you a higher price. Simply select what accessories you have on our checkout page.

Once Guzu receives my device, when will my payment be issued?

Although delivery times vary based on location, Guzu will take no longer than 3 business days to diagnose, process and settle payment, once your order arrives in our facility. Typically customers get paid within 10 days from start to finish. To receive payment faster, we recommend choosing Pay Pal as your payment option. On average, customers who use Pay Pal will be paid within one week.

What is considered to be a Working Device?

A working device is product that has full functionality. All buttons, switches and screens work properly and the unit has never suffered water damage. All LCD’s are in 100% working condition, but may have suffered up to one hairline crack on the glass (ie. iPhone, iPad, iPod). No other exterior cracks will be acceptable as working.

The weight listed on the shipping label Guzu supplied me is inaccurate, should I still use this shipping label?

Yes, UPS will automatically adjust the difference in weight on our side.

What is considered to be a Broken Device?

A broken device is a product that may have incurred water damage, buttons not functioning, a cracked screen, or any other damages that may render your gadget less than 100% functional. The device needs to be physically intact with all internal parts included.

I am unable to find my device in the product catalogue. Can Guzu still recycle it?

If you can’t find your device on our site, please fill out our custom product form, and we will send you a custom quote shortly.

I live in the NY tri-state area; can I come to your location to drop of my electronic waste?

Yes, Guzu welcomes you to drop off your electronic waste at our processing facility directly. Please refer to business hours listed in the “Contact Us” section of our website.

What does Guzu do with the gadgets it purchases?

Guzu feels that reuse is the best method towards a sustainable environment, which is why we offer our products on our eBay Store first and only recycle as a last resort. By creating a market for reuse, Guzu gives access to consumers who may not be interested in new electronics.

How do I acquire a UPS label to send Guzu my device with free shipping?

Once you complete your order checkout on Guzu.com, you will be given a link with your UPS label, and another link in a confirmation email. Please print and tape it to your package.

The electronics I want to recycle have no value according to Guzu.com. Can I still recycle them with you?

Yes, by all means, if the device has a cord or is battery operated, you can send it to Guzu to be recycled properly. In this instance, Guzu.com will not be responsible for any shipping charges you may incur.

Does Guzu accept CRT tube televisions/monitors?

Because of the hazards of shipping any CRT monitor, Guzu does not accept them via mail. However, you are welcome to drop off CRT monitors to our facility and we will process for FREE.

How should I package my item?

If you do not have your original box, please take care in carefully package your item to ensure that it is not damaged in transit. Using items such as old newspapers and bubble wrap will help cushion your electronics. Guzu will recycle all packaging materials along with your device.

What if I don't know what type of gadget I have?

Most gadgets have their model information behind the battery. If you are still not sure, contact us us and we are happy to help.

Can I track my order status?

Yes! Simply login to your Guzu account to view your account information and track your order status.