Upcoming PlayStation “Orbis” Set to Come Out in 2013

The last quarter of 2013 will see plenty of gamers selling used PlayStations in anticipation of the launch of the successful console’s latest model.

“Orbis,” the unofficial name of the yet unreleased gaming console, is going to feature a restricted used game format and probably set for launching in late 2013.

“Orbis,” Latin for Circle, compliments the recently released portable console Vita. Combining the two words would yield the phrase “circle of life.” What this suggests is that the two consoles can be integrated for an extra game play feature or enhanced gaming experience.

A way to continue the cycle of life when it comes to gadgets is by recycling, or selling used PlayStations to legitimate venues.

According to online speculations, the “Obis” will have an SMD Southern Islands GPU and a CPU with AMD x 64 capacity. Having this kind of GPU enables the console to display images up to 4,095 X 2,160 of resolution. 3D games could also be a viable feature. These rumored specifics however may change during promotion a few months before the gadget is released.

A chosen team of gaming developers have received development kits regarding the new PlayStation, firing them up to finish the task, a sign that the people behind the “Orbis” are more than excited to bring in the new console to the market. The developers are expected to receive beta units. Before the rush of buyers to the appliance store, many consumers are for sure going to sell their old PlayStations or donate them to a worthy place, in preparation for getting the “Orbis.”

The so-called restricted used game format is wired to the console, disabling the “Orbis” from accommodating PlayStation 3 games. It is possible that when a gamer purchases from PSN or Blu-Ray, chances are these won’t work on the new console. This even reinforces the need to recycle used electronic devices, starting with selling use PlayStations to interested parties.

Under the new console running under restricted used game format, when a gamer trades in a particular game title, whoever purchases will have a limited control of the game, or be given only a trial version, or have limited data. Unofficial reports say that gamers will have to pay the price to unlock and get a registration for the game.

But it is not just the PlayStation rumored to be coming out with a new iteration. The Microsoft Xbox is also rumored to be out with new console, which a long with the “Orbis” will pave the way to a brand new generation of gaming devices.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Wii U has been confirmed officially as one of the new batch of consoles. The new Wii features a touchscreen controller, precision motion controls, and High Definition quality. The Nintendo Wii U is reportedly launching in Europe, the US, Japan, and Australia before this year ends.

The new Xbox, whose development kits for the game console will be out on August, is believed to be more powerful than the Xbox 360. These game consoles are predicted to fly from both sides. Selling used PlayStation as early as now can be a big advantage soon.

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