Top 6 Electronic Gadgets You Can Sell Again Online

While the long wait for the next model cellphone, digital camera, or tablet computer is upon us, it’s time to consider saving for the updated version. But the cycle of electronic gadget manufacturing can take a toll on the finances of those who earn minimum wage or are only students on part time jobs. That’s why it’s wise to sell electronics online before moving on to the latest model. In view of this, here are top six gadgets that you can sell again on the Internet.

1. Digital Cameras
Whether you own a point-and-shoot or DSLR camera, these are hot commodity on online re-selling companies such as Digital cams have steadily risen in the market, particularly because of the “sharing” capabilities of social networking sites. Therefore if you’re looking to upgrade your point-and-shoot into more professional equipment, it wouldn’t hurt to add to your savings by selling electronics online. The leaders in the camera industry are Nikon, Canon, Sony, but cameras made by Konica, Easypix, and Minolta are sellable as well.

2. Tablets
Since the release of Apple’s iPad, the gadget and cyber world has been tablet crazy. Many have doubted the marketability of tablets but they are now among the top selling products of electronics companies, with the iPad spearheading the group, followed by machines from Samsung, Blackberry, and HP among others. If you have a year and a half old version of an iPad, it’s the best time to find a buyer since the new version is about to come out in a few months.

3. Video game consoles
There are gamers who save their video game paraphernalia starting with the Atari and old Gameboys. But if you are not sentimental about game consoles, then bring your Xbox 360 to an online reseller who will give it a new owner. There are gamers out there who specifically wait for resellers to come forward.

Not only can you sell electronics online such as the Xbox, Playstation 3, and the Wii, but you should also consider the pocket-size versions of these video game consoles. PSP Vita is being released and will soon open the used gadget’s floodgates for old PSP units.

4. Cell phones
Perhaps the most ubiquitous electronic gadgets we own are cellular phones. Sell electronics online starting with your old Blackberry Curve, or Nokia N90, or better yet, your old iPhone 4 in exchange for the iPhone4S. Cell phones are among the most common in the reselling market so you better have treated yours well, lest you get a good value online.

5. Portable MP3 players
Along with cellphones, portable MP3 players are one of the top choices for reselling. Those old iPod Nanos could find an owner who’d been scouring for their unique design for a while now. If you have the classic iPod, there are gadget purists who would pay big bucks for a revered product.

6. Laptops
Selling electronics online wouldn’t be complete with out laptop computers. Do you remember the MacBook before it permanently saddled with the word “Pro.” Well, those bestselling Apple computers have a niche market online still willing to buy them. The black MacBook would be of particular interest. Or if you still have them, those pretty clamshell Macintosh computers would still fetch a good price from collectors. Check out online reselling sites like to get started. Call us through 855-446-4898 or visit us at the following address:

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