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Earn Gold from Electronic Waste

One can find gold anywhere these days. The trick though is that you will need more than just your eyes to find it. Resourcefulness and creativity are required to make money even out of waste. The best part about this money-making venture is that it is not difficult to collect electronic scraps. Most users do […]

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Used Electronics You Can Recycle and Sell Again

It is something many of us take for granted: used electronics lying around our office or at home. Usually we just dump them together with other appliance we no longer have use for. As many as there are used electronics being distributed all over the world, there‚Äôs an equal number of discarded machines, which become […]

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6 Facts about Cellular Phones and Why They Should Be Recycled

With the changes and upgrades in technology, cell phones are no longer just modes of communication but are also alarm clocks, calendars, reminders, MP3 players, personal assistants and GPS units. The insatiable demand for cellular phones and other mobile devices, however, does not ensure that every user is educated on the facts about how these […]

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