Selling Used Electronics for Cash: Tips on How and Where to Sell Used Digital Cameras

It is not really surprising to see cameras with new and nifty features being featured in various ads and TV commercials nearly every day, and it’s easy to say that you probably have been tempted to purchase one of them. The good news is that, nowadays, it is easy to let go of our old stuff, such as used digital cameras, and replace them with the one that has niftier and more advanced features.

With the many online stores that buy used digital cameras, how can you not let go of your old digital camera by selling it and using the money to purchase a new one? The question, though, is how and where exactly should you go. Below are four helpful tips on how you can easily sell your digital camera fast and at the best price.

  1. Gather all the items that come with the camera, including batteries, AC cords, and other accessories. It’s best if you still have the box as well as the software and user manual that come with the camera when you purchased them.  Make sure the camera and its accessories have been cleaned up before shipping them to you buyer.
  2. Know some basic information about the camera you are planning to sell. This includes the brand and model number, zoom range, pixels, and other features, as well as the basic functions of the accessories that come with it.
  3. Take a picture of the camera and its accessories, and post them on your chosen website. Most online companies that buy used digital cameras would either require you to post a picture of the item you are selling or write a product description. Moreover, photos are important because most customers are likely to check out images of the camera before they actually decide to purchase.
  4. Choose a good and reputable online company that offers to buy used digital cameras. There are hundreds of online businesses that offer this type of service, but not all can really offer a good one. Good companies are usually those that offer a price quote, as well as those that have been in business for quite a while.

One great example is Guzu, a growing online company that continues to gain the trust of sellers despite being relatively new to the business. What’s truly remarkable about this company is that it is one of the few environment-friendly gadget buyers. The fact that it has partnered with American Forests, an organization dedicated to saving the environment, will attest to this. It also ensures that every single part that is no longer working is reused and recycled to create or repair a new unit; indeed, no single small part is wasted, making you environment-friendly as well.

Guzu, apart from offering instant price quote and offering user-friendly website, also offers free shipping in nearly all of the items it buys. Lastly, Guzu accepts all types and brands of used digital cameras, from the most popular ones like Canon, Casio, and Sony, to digital cameras from Silicon Valley, Acer, and Agfa. Visit to get to know more about the cameras and other gadgets accepted at Guzu.

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