Selling Your Used Desktop PC for a Profit

Problems with space at home? Free up your load by sorting old and used items and appliance and set them for recycling. A hard one to simply dispose of, desktop computers are probably among the items cluttered at home, gathering dust. The trash bin is out of the question—just think of the toxic materials you’re dumping along with your old computer that has, after all, served you well all those years. If you have a unit that still works perfectly, why not donate it to nonprofits or to recycling venues. Better yet, earn a few bucks by selling your used desktop on places such as

Energy that’s still stored inside the unit can be used again, saving materials and labor, and extending the product’s lifespan. You also help curb the problem of electronic waste and reduce carbon footprint. Of course, if you were able to sell a used desktop, a few dollars wouldn’t hurt too, especially in these trying times. What follows are a few helpful pointers for selling the used desktop PC at home.

Before you proceed on selling to donating your old computer, be sure that the device is free of Trojans, malware, spyware, viruses, and other harmful programs. The last thing you want is to potentially endanger another person. Get a free anti-virus application and run your used desktop until you’re sure that it’s clear.

Aside from viruses, you don’t want to leave your personal information, pin numbers, passwords, and other valuable information behind. Unless you have no qualms about sharing pieces of your life and privacy to a stranger, hand over your used PC with adequate disk storage space. Delete information you have no use for and transfer all your files, including valuable information, to an external hard drive. Even when you’re donating and old computer, it pays to check on its cobwebby storage space and see if there’s data you need to keep. Back up is a magic phrase computer users need to take to heart.

The information and data you’ve obtained from the old PC should be transferred to your new computer as well. People who sell used desktop usually have a replacement, a brand new unit. To maintain consistency in your work and have a smoother transition to a new device, transfer all your browser settings, files, programs, and other necessities to the new computer. Don’t forget your pictures, videos, music, and documents.

A used desktop with a lot of issues can be a tough sell. It’s possible to freshen up your system for free by getting freeware that helps the unit run faster and smoother. You don’t want people refusing your used desktop, whether to buy or receive as donation. Entice them by whipping up the unit in shape.

As for pricing, it’s helpful to look up the model and brand of your used desktop on the Internet. Look into similar computers that are up for sale and you’ll certainly get a good idea of the price range. Don’t overcharge or undercharge when you sell a used desktop PC. Set a price that’s close to, if not same with, the estimate you get online.

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