Sell Used Laptop: Laptops You Can Sell at Guzu

Guzu is one of today’s most trusted and fastest growing companies that buy used gadgets of different types, brands, and models. What is truly amazing about this online company is its mission of helping save the environment by recycling the items they have bought from their customers, and by ensuring no single part is brought to waste, from the LCDs to plastics and metals, to the cardboard shipping boxes. Should you decide to sell used laptop, Guzu accepts different brands and models. Below are the top five laptops that you can sell at Guzu.

  • Apple
    An Apple MacBook is one of today’s most successful and most sought-after laptops, both used and broken ones. In fact, getting your MacBook sold is probably faster than any other brand or model of laptops. Guzu accepts different types and models of MacBook, from the Pro Intel Quad-Core i7 2.3GHz 17” to the Pro Core i5 2.53GHz 15”.
  • Acer
    Acer is another popular and trusted brand of laptop that Guzu buys. It accepts Acer laptops in different LCD sizes and types of processors, from AMD to Intel Core and Pentium Dual Core, as well as RAM of up to over 32 GB, and different types of hard drives and graphic cards.
  • Compaq
    You can also sell your Compaq laptops with missing or broken parts at Guzu. Whether you have the mini Compaq laptop, or probably the ultra portable type or the Compaq Envy series, you can easily sell it at Guzu. Compaq laptops with processors such as AMD and Intel are accepted.
  • Asus
    Guzu is also a good place to go to should you wish to sell used laptop from Asus. This company accepts Asus laptops and netbooks of various models, including Zenbook, Eee Slate EP121, G53, F8, the G70, and others, from those with Intel Core processors to those with Core 2 Duo processors, and from those with LCD sizes of 9” to up to 21”.
  • Dell
    Dell is also considered one of the most sought-after brands of laptops and net-books, and many wish to own one, whether new or used one and whether new or old model. Guzu accepts different models of Dell laptops and netbooks, such as the Vostro, Latitude, and Precision series, and other models with various processors, operating systems, and memory capacities.

While these are all popular and trusted brands and manufacturers, it is also worth mentioning that Guzu accepts laptops from less popular yet growing companies. These include BenQ, Alienware, NEC, and MWg.

Indeed, Guzu is the best place to go to if you are looking to sell used laptop. Aside from purchasing used and broken laptops from a variety of manufacturers, Guzu also offers an easy way to sell your laptop. Unlike other online companies that may request you to write a detailed description of the product you are selling, Guzu would just ask you to click on various categories and options that best describe the laptop you are selling. No need to spend time writing persuasive and fancy words just so you can attract buyers. Visit us at and sell used laptop now.

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