Make Money for Recycling Broken Electronics

Broken electronics immediately become a nuisance. Nobody wants to throw them away and risk being fined for getting rid of hazardous materials. They can be costly to fix and often a later and better model is available for about the same cost of repairing the old device. Savvy tech owners are making money for their broken electronics and protecting the environment at the same time.

More than 500 million consumer electronics are sold each year. Many are sure to break for various reasons. In many instances, the broken laptop, iPod or gaming device is simply thrown in a drawer and forgotten. Technology innovations move quickly and people often choose to update an old device when it breaks.

There are other tech owners who prefer to have their current electronics repaired. They might be comfortable with them or unwilling to learn how to use an updated device. These people need parts to repair their iPads, iPods, computers, Blackberry devices, laptops and cell phones. This creates a viable market for recycling and salvaging your broken electronics.

Instead of letting them become obsolete, recycle your broken electronics right away and make money to use toward buying a new device. It is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. Go online to Guzu and find out the worth of your electronic device based on the model and condition. A UPS shipping label is sent to you via email. Send the broken device and wait to get paid by business check or PayPal.

Businesses and schools can also go green by recycling broken electronics. It is inevitable electronic devices used in these settings will wear out and break down. Most businesses and schools invest in cutting edge technology. Guzu takes care of properly recycling retired electronic devices and erases all the data they contained.

Don’t let your broken electronics go to waste. Gather them up and see what they are worth at Guzu. Get paid money for items you will never use again and feel good about going green. Guzu even plants a tree when people recycle their old electronics to make our world even greener.

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