Harmful Effects About Electronic Waste on the Environment

Literally millions of electronic gadgets are being distributed all over the world today. With the increasing demands for these products come the rapid upgrades that entail every gadget released in the market. Once a new cell phone model, portable music player, tablet, or game console is released, thousands are discarded into the bin, not to mention the amount of materials that goes into making these products. What’s left behind is called electronic waste, or waste caused by the production of electronic devises. A way to curb the effects of waste is by selling used laptops, desktops, cameras, mobile phones, and mp3 players, among others.

According to scientific research, electronic waste mostly consists of harmful substances that damage the environment. Many of these toxic substances are found in the very thing we hold with our hands every day: cellular phones, digital cameras, mp3 players, and tablets. Throwing computers into a landfill, instead of selling used laptops to a venue like Guzu.com, is setting loose harmful toxins into our surroundings.

Here are just some of the toxins we throw a long with our gadgets:
Batteries and electrical wiring contain beryllium, which can become a carcinogenic after long-term exposure. There’s even an Acute Beryllium Disease caused by a prolonged exposure to the element. Circuit boards and battery units themselves also contain mercury, an enemy to the endocrine and nervous systems. The damage mercury can do to unborn children has long been documented, as long as its adverse effects on our digestive system.

Another reason why there’s a need to recycle, or sell used laptops, is Antimony, a substance found in semiconductors, and again, batteries. Antimony is very harmful to our bodies when ingested. Also found in semiconductors and resistors is the element cadmium. A potential carcinogenic, cadmium attacks vital organs such as kidneys, lungs, and the liver.

A poisonous substance found in many romantic novels is also present in our favorite gadgets. Electronic circuits contain arsenic, which can poison the digestive track along others. And lastly, the most popular poison found in gadgets is lead. Perhaps the most dangerous substance found in most domestic items, lead is lethal to humans. Among its ill effects are retardation, liver and kidney disease, high blood pressure, the collapse of the nervous system, seizures, and growth.

With all these adverse effects to our health, we’ll have to think twice about trashing our old electronic gadgets. Perhaps the next time we decide to buy a new computer, it would be wise to sell our used laptop to a venue that can take the product to other users or recycle its parts.

The environment benefits a lot from recycling electronic gadgets. For one, all the energy and materials that goes into making more gadgets will be saved. The lifespan of a particular device is extended and its energy and materials maximized. Recycling makes use of plastic, steel, copper, and metals form used electronic gadgets, which in turn preserve precious natural resources, and lessen carbon emissions and water pollution. Best of all, we get to conserve energy that can be put to better use. Selling used laptops does not only allow you secure extra cash for a new one, it also helps save the environment.

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